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Counseling Offered:
Individual & Relational Therapy
EMDR Therapy 
Family Therapy
Process & Support Therapy Groups
  • The Survivor – For Grief & Loss – Support for those adjusting to life after loss

  • Achieving Life Balance – Creating understanding for yourself and adjusting your life to match!

  • Living with Anxiety – Tip, Tools & Support to recognize a different way of living

(Please contact me if you are interested in more information regarding an upcoming group.)

Areas of Clinical Experience

As a marriage and family therapist I provide individual & relational counseling to people seeking assistance with a variety of concerns. Throughout my work, I have gained most of my experience working within the following areas:



Trauma is very broad term that can mean many things. A person can experience an individual trauma or a lifetime of compound traumas that leave them struggling to live a fulfilling life. When traumas are left unresolved, people often report feelings of sadness, anxiety or difficulties in their relationships. As a certified EMDR therapist I can help people overcome struggles and symptoms stemming from traumatic experiences.


Self-Empowerment & Self Esteem

Many times people come to counseling (as individuals or as part of a couple) struggling with issues that connect to their personal views of themselves and their self-worth. Spending time exploring how this topic affects you in your life and relationships can be beneficial for many reasons.

Addiction & Recovery as a Family System

Addiction does not affect the sole individual who uses substances. Addiction is insidious in nature and creates a complex road to healing. Whether you are an individual in recovery or struggling to rebuild trust with someone who struggles with substances abuse, I have experience working with clients as they re-discover what balanced living with healthy boundaries, emotional regulation and  self-discipline looks like. 

Couples & Blended Families

The new “Modern” family is referred to as a blended family in a counseling setting. This term is broad and can mean a variety of things. When new family dynamics are encountered, many times people are left feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed and under-supported in their efforts to establish the new family unit.

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